Greer puts release in unique perspective

METAIRIE, La. – In addition to being one of the NFL's most underrated talents during his time with the New Orleans Saints, cornerback Jabari Greer has also stood out as one of the league's deepest philosophers.

So it should come as no surprise that Greer put his release in a beautiful perspective on Wednesday night -- even though he admitted that he wasn't expecting it.

"It's been a great day, man, surprisingly, with everything going on," said Greer, who said he spent the day having a "daddy and son" day with one of his two young sons since his wife happened to have a previous engagement while everything was going on. "We popped popcorn, watched a movie. And just that whole opportunity, God used that to really refocus my mind. Just realize the truth, live in the moment, and understand that in the midst of this turmoil, that I have peace. And I'm thankful for that."

Greer said he didn't expect to be released, but "me being an older guy in this league, you can't ever be surprised." The longtime starter for the Saints and Buffalo Bills just turned 32 on Tuesday and is still rehabbing from a major knee injury suffered in November.

Greer said the rehab is going well, and he had a target date in mind to try and return to the field. But now that he doesn't know for certain if or when the next opportunity might come, he said he has "the luxury" to take time to rehab and spend more time than usual with his family.

Greer said he also wanted to properly thank the Saints' fans for their support over the past five years. But, not surprisingly, he couldn't find the way to properly express himself in just 140-character snippets on Twitter.

"I've been sitting on Twitter with a blank screen, and I was trying to write something truly from my heart that's not cliché and doesn't seem rehearsed," Greer said. "And my thank you note was playing with passion on Sundays. And I truly believe that the best thank you note I can give to those who supported me is a life well lived."