Same old story for Saints

TAMPA, Fla. -- Here they go ... again?

It seems like every time the New Orleans Saints have played in the past month or so, they’ve let a lesser opponent hang in the game (or lead it) way too long before they get things together.

It’s shaping up that way again. At halftime, they’re leading Tampa Bay, 17-7. But it was a much tighter game until Brees hit Robert Meachem for a touchdown with 28 seconds remaining in the first half. The Bucs led 7-0 at one point, and they’ve played pretty evenly with the Saints.

Yeah, I know the Bucs are 1-8 and the Saints are 9-0 and reality should kick in at some point in the second half -- if it didn’t already with the touchdown drive at the end of the half. But the Saints can’t get away with doing this every week.

At some point -- and it probably won’t today -- it’s going to catch up to them. They’ve got a huge game coming up against New England and they won’t get out of that one playing like this.