Wrap-up: Giants 34, Falcons 31

I started to write that the season is over for the Atlanta Falcons. Then, I realized it’s not.

Yes, they’re on a two-game losing streak and they’re 5-5 after an overtime loss to the Giants. And, sure, the prospects of the first back-to-back playoff seasons in franchise history aren’t looking great right now.

But take a look at the schedule. The Falcons are going to get Michael Turner back sooner rather than later and, at some point, they might even play a little defense. That might be enough.

Let’s be honest here. The Falcons are struggling right now, but I’m looking at the schedule and seeing two games with Tampa Bay and one game with Buffalo. That means Atlanta’s got at least eight wins. As bad as they’ve been on the road, they’ve got a chance to win when they go back to the Meadowlands to play the Jets.

That could be nine wins, which might be good enough. Heck, I’m not even ruling out the possibility of a victory against Philadelphia or New Orleans because both of those games are at home. Win one of those two and you’re talking 10 wins and a pretty certain playoff berth.

Lose both of those and lose to the Jets and the Falcons don’t deserve to be a playoff team.