Around the NFC South with the columnists

Time for a trip through the NFC South with the local columnists.

Mark Bradley writes that, although the Falcons lost a game, they got quarterback Matt Ryan back. After struggling for the last month or so, Ryan bounced back and played the way he did last year. If that continues, Atlanta has a shot at a playoff spot.

After Atlanta’s overtime loss, Daniel Cox wonders if the NFL’s coin-toss, sudden-death system is fair.

Joe Henderson takes a look at how Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman came back to earth after playing so well in the first two starts of his rookie season.

Carolina Huddle has a good overview on the situation with coach John Fox and his future with the Panthers. I heard two national radio guys debating this over the weekend. One said it’s ridiculous to say Fox is on the hot seat because owner Jerry Richardson has never said that. Umm, other than Al Davis and Jerry Jones, what owner ever has come out and said a coach is on the hot seat? I’m not ready to say Fox is gone, but he’s definitely on the hot seat. There’s disappointment in the fan base that the Panthers have been mediocre after going 12-4 last year. I also know ownership is painfully aware that Fox never has been able to put together back-to-back winning seasons.

Jeff Duncan writes about how the Saints and their fans took over Raymond James Stadium on Sunday.

In his new role at NewOrleans.com, Brian Allee-Walsh has a detailed account of the Saints’ victory Sunday.