Saints taketh away better than anyone

A lot of coaches around the NFL will tell you that the most important statistic is takeaways. Well, the Saints are continuing to prove that theory right.

They continue to lead the league with 36 takeaways. They’ve got 23 interceptions and 13 takeaways. They’ve got five more takeaways than Green Bay, which ranks second in the league.

Then again, Carolina’s tied for fourth in the league with 25 takeaways, after intercepting Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman five times Sunday. Giveaways might tell the story of Carolina’s season better. The Panthers lead the league with 31 giveaways (20 interceptions and 11 fumbles lost).

The Falcons have 20 takeaways (eight interceptions and 12 fumbles recoveries) and the Buccaneers have 19 (13 interceptions and six fumble recoveries).