Wrap-up: Jets 26, Buccaneers 3

I’m going to put in a call to the folks at ESPN’s Stats & Information because I’m curious if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are making history.

They lost to the New York Jets on Sunday. That means they’ve lost to a backup quarterback in each of the last three games. They lost to Atlanta in a game where Matt Ryan got hurt early and Chris Redman came on. They lost to the mighty Matt Moore and Carolina last week and they lost to Kellen Clemens on Sunday.

I’m wondering if any team ever has lost to three backup quarterbacks in a row before. Heck, I’m wondering if any team ever has played three backup quarterbacks in a row before.

Speaking of quarterbacks, I’m once again concerned about Raheem Morris’ future in Tampa Bay because Josh Freeman had another horrible day. A few weeks ago, I thought Morris would get a second year because Freeman was playing well and that offered some hope for the future. But Freeman struggled against the Jets after throwing five interceptions against the Panthers.

The central point of Morris’ rebuilding project isn’t looking so bright these days. And the Bucs haven’t shown much else that would lead a reasonable person to believe they’re close to turning the corner again.