Brees' numbers not even close to the norm

NEW ORLEANS -- Marty Callinan was assigned to cover the game for ESPN’s Stats & Information and he just passed on some interesting stuff on Drew Brees, who probably has lost his chance at the Most Valuable Player award to Peyton Manning.

In the first 13 games, Brees completed more than 60 percent of the passes he threw for 15 or more yards down field, while averaging 17.2 yards per attempt on passes in this category. He had thrown 14 touchdowns and five interceptions on passes of 15 yards or more.

But none of that seemed to matter Saturday night against the Cowboys. Brees threw eight passes of 15 yards or more and didn’t complete a single one. He also had one of those passes intercepted.

If you want to narrow it down a little more, Brees was fine on short passes but struggled on everything else. Brees completed 80 percent of passes thrown 10 yards or less and had 231 passing yards on those plays. On passes of 11 yards or more, Brees completed only 33.3 percent for 67 yards.

Marty also pointed out the Cowboys used five or more defensive backs on every play after both two-minute warnings and never sent more than four pass rushers (prevent defense). During the last two minutes of each half, Brees went 6-for-10 with 49 yards and an interception. Brees was sacked twice and Dallas recovered both fumbles.