Jarrett's slide in Carolina continues

Back in our season-preview package, I had to pick an “emerging star" or a breakout player in the NFC South.

I narrowed it down to a pair of third-year receivers -- Carolina’s Dwayne Jarrett and New Orleans’ Robert Meachem.

Thank goodness I chose Meachem. He truly is having a breakout season for the Saints. Jarrett? Well, he officially has earned the “bust" label. The Panthers have declared him inactive for tonight’s game with Minnesota.

When you can’t beat out Muhsin Muhammad, who I think came out in the same draft with Art Monk, that’s disappointing. When the coaches don’t even give you a uniform on game day, it might be time to consider another career.

Back to my decision on picking Meachem over Jarrett. I thought they were basically equal in terms of talent and each had struggled in his first two seasons. The decision basically came down to the fact that Meachem was with the Saints. At least in New Orleans, a wide receiver’s got a chance.

In Carolina, where John Fox just doesn’t trust young receivers, you’re not going to get a chance unless you’re named Steve Smith or you’re a veteran receiver, who’s only real strength is that you don’t make glaring mistakes.