Trueblood has uncomfortable lead

With two games remaining, Tampa Bay offensive tackle Jeremy Trueblood has a chance to run away with the infamous title as the league’s leader in false-start penalties.

Trueblood has been called for a league-high nine false starts, according to ESPN Stats & Information. His nearest competitors are Levi Brown, Vernon Davis and Ryan Diem, who each have been charged with seven false starts. Trueblood was charged with six false starts in each of his first three NFL seasons and has 39 overall penalties in his career.

Carolina’s Jeff Otah is tied with a bunch of guys with six false starts. But Otah is out with an injury for the rest of the season. Carolina tight end Jeff King, who has been called for four false starts, is the only other NFC South player on the list of 38 players who have been charged with at least four false starts.