Cam Newton's one 'embarrassing' moment on a spectacular night

Gruden sees Cam as an MVP candidate (0:37)

Jon Gruden tells SVP that he can see Cam Newton bringing the Panthers back to the NFC Championship. (0:37)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had a lot to be proud about in Monday night's 45-21 victory over Miami.

He also had one thing to be embarrassed about -- his word.

It happened on the first play of Carolina's final possession of the third quarter. The 2015 NFL MVP faked the handoff to running back Christian McCaffrey going to his left and found a gaping hole off right tackle from his own 13-yard line.

Next thing you know Newton had all of his 6-foot-5, 245-pound body churning at full speed, pulling away from Miami defenders.

All but one.

Cornerback Cordrea Tankersley came from Newton’s right side and tackled him at the Miami 18-yard line.

"That's embarrassing," Newton said with a smile. "That's extremely embarrassing. But I'm going to say this, man: One of my best friends, Deshawn Lawrence, has been jinxing me for years. He said that I don't have in my repertoire or my skill set to break a 50-plus touchdown.

"All I kept thinking while I was running, I was hoping one of the Dolphins players, preferably the DB that tackled me, would slip up, just trip, something. I just wanted to score for him. And I didn't do it."

Then it got worse when Newton got to his locker after the game.

"There's a text message from Deshawn saying, 'I told you so,'" Newton said after improving to 5-1 on Monday Night Football. "There wasn't enough explicit emoji in my options to send him because he was right."

Newton actually has a 50-plus yard touchdown run. It happened in 2012 at Bank of America Stadium against the Atlanta Falcons. He went 72 yards for a touchdown, somersaulting into the end zone.

It was the longest touchdown run of his career and, according to ESPN Stats and Information research at the time, the fifth-longest by a quarterback in the Super Bowl era.

Newton, now 28, might not have had the energy to cap Monday night's run with a somersault had Tankersley not caught him. He barely had enough energy to celebrate the run, laying on the ground and shaking his arms as teammates gathered to help him up.

"Well, when you ain't got no gas left and your check engine light is on and it's blinking get gas in the next stop or so, you've just got to celebrate when you can celebrate, brother," Newton said. "I was just hoping Coach didn't come back with another run play for me."

Newton got a lot of grief from teammates for letting Tankersley catch him.

"The best one I heard was a couple of guys came over and said DA could have scored on that one," he said of 34-year-old backup quarterback Derek Anderson. "Yeah, DA gave me some crap after that -- that touch of gray in his hair."

Newton actually had nothing to be embarrassed about on this night. He completed 21 of 34 passes for 254 yards and four touchdowns. He also rushed five times for 95 yards as he led the team to a franchise-record 548 total yards.

More importantly, he had no interceptions, although he almost did in the first quarter.

But this was a big step for the quarterback, even though he might have lost enough steps to be run down.

He finished the drive a few plays after the run with a 2-yard touchdown pass to McCaffrey.

It just wasn't enough to avoid an "I told you so" text from a good friend.

"But hopefully," Newton said, "I do get that done so I can send him a text message after that."