Just for kicks: After TD pass, Falcons' Mohamed Sanu lobbies for field-goal chance

Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu can catch, run, pass, and kick. (0:23)

Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu can catch, run, pass, and kick. Video by Vaughn McClure (0:23)

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu showed off his throwing arm to the world Sunday with a 51-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones that sailed 50 yards.

Could a long field goal be next on the list?

Sanu admitted Friday he's playfully lobbied for an opportunity to kick, as coach Dan Quinn revealed to the media earlier in the week. Sanu handled the punting along with playing quarterback and wide receiver at South Brunswick High School in New Jersey.

A couple years ago, Sanu said he was messing around at his alma mater, Rutgers, and kicked a 60-yard field goal. Maybe Falcons special-teams coach Keith Armstrong could use Sanu in an emergency if veteran Matt Bryant is unable to go. Bryant's career long is 62 yards, by the way.

"I be out there joking with Coach [Armstrong]; we always have a good time," Sanu said. "When he calls for the second group, I be like,'Oh, you need me to kick, Coach?' Just joking around. Just have a good time with it."

Armstrong assessed Sanu's kicking kills, based on what he's seen in practice.

"Outstanding kicker," Armstrong said with a smile. "If he decided to change positions, he's got a chance to become a Pro Bowl kicker (laugh).

"Honestly, with a soccer background that he has, he can do some things with the football which are pretty cool. You always have an emergency guy that can do that for you. The last guy I had to do that for me was Wes Welker in Miami, against the Patriots. I think he was the first to catch a pass, kick a field goal, kick off, and punt. But it's really good to have a guy like Mohamed, who has that skill set and can actually, legitimately kick a ball."

Armstrong has grown accustomed to being nudged by Sanu.

"Every now and then, he'll be out on a Friday, and I'll be looking, and I'll say,'I thought they're kicking inside?' And I look over, and I see a ball in the air, and it's him. But he's got the skill set, and he loves it.

"And he's always asking, 'Let me know when you're ready; let me know when you're ready.' It's good to know, sometimes. You may need it. You never know. Next man up."

Sanu enters Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings (9-2) with 452 receiving yards on 45 catches, second on the team behind Jones [1,039 yards on 66 catches]. Sanu leads the Falcons (7-4) with four touchdown receptions, has a 158.3 passer rating following his touchdown pass out of the Wildcat, and also has two rushes for seven yards with two first downs.

"We know his talent," wide receivers coach Raheem Morris said of the 28-year-old. "We know he can throw. We know he can catch. We know he can run. We know he can kick. He can do a lot of things. ... Never heard him sing, but he brings a lot of versatility to us."