Alex Mack on flag to eye: Orlando Brown flashed in my brain

"I did hit me in the eye a little bit," Alex Mack said of the flag, "but it's pretty funny how much [the video] blew up." Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack got teased by plenty of folks after video surfaced of Mack being knocked over by a flying yellow flag during last week's game.

Mack's former teammate in Cleveland, Joe Thomas, poked fun at him with this tweet.

So why did Mack dramatically stumble after the flag hit him?

"I did hit me in the eye a little bit," Mack said, "but it's pretty funny how much [the video] blew up. Didn't really see [the flag] coming and it kind of shocked me. Orlando Brown flashed through my brain like, 'I'm hurt.' "

Brown, a former offensive tackle for the Browns who passed away in 2011, was hit in the eye with a flag in 1999 and missed three seasons due to the injury. He sued the NFL for $200 million in damages and reportedly settled for $25 million.

No lawsuit is coming from Mack, of course. He brushed off the hit to the eye and now is having fun with getting razzed over and over about the incident.

"A lot of people gave me a hard time," Mack said.

Thomas the most, right?

"No," Mack said with a laugh. "Not really."