Prediction from a guy who doesn't make predictions

As most of you know, I generally avoid making game predictions during the regular season. My logic is that predictions really don’t mean anything, and if my insight really was that good, I’d probably be living in Vegas.

But it’s the postseason and everything kicks up a notch. I’m going to make a prediction, largely because my longtime friend Brian Allee-Walsh, the outstanding football writer for NewOrleans.com, asked me and a bunch of other national journalists for predictions on Saturday’s game between the Saints and Cardinals. You can see them all here.

I gave one to Allee-Walsh, and I’ll repeat it here: Saints 41, Cardinals 38.

My logic goes something like this: I know the Saints weren’t impressive in their final three games. But I think they’ll bounce back because they’ve got most of their injured guys back. They also have Drew Brees, and that means a lot in my eyes. Finally, they’ve got the home-field advantage and that’s significant. New Orleans fans can truly rock the Superdome, and they’re going to be ready for this one. I don’t see the fans letting the Saints lose this one.