Rapid Reaction: Saints 45, Cardinals 14

NEW ORLEANS – Those three losses the Saints had to end the regular season led to a lot of talk about them lacking momentum for the playoffs.

Well, none of that mattered in a 45-14 win over the Cardinals. The Saints showed up with momentum and a lot more Saturday afternoon. Even when they were still undefeated, quarterback Drew Brees kept saying the Saints hadn’t put it all together.

Now, we see what Brees was talking about. This was as good a game as I’ve seen the Saints play, and that includes the regular-season victory against New England. Whatever Sean Payton and his staff worked on in their practices after the regular season worked perfectly.

The Saints had positive momentum from the moment they were led onto the field by Deuce McAllister and it never stopped. If they keep this momentum going, the Saints are going to be very tough for anybody to beat.

I'm heading down to the locker room and will be back with more in a bit.