Remembering former Bucs DE Adams

What Caused Gaines Adams' Death? (3:52)

Dr. Michael Kaplan on the death of Bears DE Gaines Adams (3:52)

Just heard some very sad news as I drove home from the airport. Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams has died.

AdamsI don’t know many details. Adams was drafted with the fourth overall pick in 2007 by the Bucs and expectations were high because this was a very talented kid. But Adams never really prospered with the Bucs, and they gave up on him October, when they traded him to the Bears.

I thought Adams might be ready to turn the corner when I sat down with him for this column in May. At that point, Adams was talking about how he had gotten stronger and had been working on pass-rush moves. He also was excited about Tampa Bay’s changes on the coaching staff and was very optimistic.

I won’t claim that I really knew Adams, but he seemed like a nice, respectful person when I did that interview. It’s sad that his life ended too soon.