Who do you want to see Saints play next?

I’m getting ready to watch this afternoon’s game and will be thinking what would be best for the Saints.

There are good storylines all over the place. New Orleans safety Darren Sharper's made it clear that he wants to play his former team, the Minnesota Vikings. It also would be kind of interesting to see Brett Favre in the Superdome. Partly because he’s from nearby Mississippi and partly just because he’s Favre.

Speaking of local guys and legends -- and this is getting a little ahead of the game -- but wouldn’t it be cool if the Saints made it to the Super Bowl against New Orleans native Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts?

And, as long as we’re talking Super Bowl, what about Drew Brees going against San Diego, his former team?

But that’s the Super Bowl. Let’s get back to the NFC Championship Game. The Vikings are going to have to beat Dallas to earn the right to play the Saints. And I think there are some guys in the New Orleans locker room who would love another shot at Dallas. The Cowboys ended the Saints’ shot at an undefeated season in December. I have a sense that the Saints think they’re a better team than Dallas.

Hit the comments section below or the mailbag and let me know who you’d like to see the Saints play in the NFC Championship Game and, perhaps, the Super Bowl.