Saints' Williams sounds like Buddy Ryan

METAIRIE, La. -- The Saints made their coordinators for offense, defense and special teams available to the media Thursday and there’s no doubt defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the highlight.

Williams has been a head coach before and he knows how the game works with the media. He covered lots of ground in his 15-minute session and none of it was dull.

One highlight came when Williams was asked about the hit defensive end Bobby McCray put on Kurt Warner in Saturday’s playoff victory against Arizona. It came after Warner had thrown an interception.

“Yeah, we're not going to apologize,’’ Williams said. “This is a contact game. Not only that block on Warner, who I have tremendous respect for, you know, we don't have anybody on our defense that is a finesse player. ... But I think we can improve toughness and we can improve attitude. Everybody's got a cap, and I've got to try to get these guys to bounce up to their cap. The highest part of them. We don't believe in cover corners. We don't believe. We think everybody has a face mask and shoulder pads and you're supposed to use them. If you don't use them, then you turn into a highway cone and stand over by me. "

Williams’ defense is aggressive and so is his attitude. Part of that might have been because one of his mentors was Buddy Ryan. Kind of ironic, but Minnesota defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier also came out of Ryan’s school and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is Buddy’s son.

“You know he's got to be smiling,’’ Williams said. “I thought I read something this week where I think he's going to the (Jets) game, going to Rex’s game. I think he has to be smiling. And I do think that every year when I talk to him he always throws that old jab out here that he used to say to Jeff Fisher and I that we screwed his defense up because we worried too much about coverage and not enough about hitting the quarterback in the face. He's got to be smiling a little bit right now because he's got three of his guys out there that really are looking to hit the quarterback as many times as we can. So he's got to be feeling good about that. ”