A suggestion for the Bucs at QB coach

There has been a lot of talk about the Buccaneers adding a quarterbacks coach to allow Greg Olson to focus on his duties as offensive coordinator.

That’s a no-brainer because Josh Freeman is the franchise here and the Bucs have to put all the parts in place for him to succeed. There have been some names thrown around as potential candidates for the job, but I’ve got a suggestion for the Bucs.

Make Doug Williams the quarterbacks coach.

I’m not saying that’s going to happen or that I’ve gotten any indication it will happen. I’m just throwing it out there as something that would make a lot of sense.

Williams has been working in the team’s personnel department. There have been reports that he’s been given a one-year extension on a contract that was set to expire. But, interestingly enough, the team, which needs all the positive PR it can get, has never announced that Williams was given an extension.

Williams was shopping around for college jobs before news of the possible extension came. Maybe Williams’ true destiny is as a coach. He’s been a head coach at Grambling and his playing career only adds to a pretty impressive résumé.

There have been some speculative reports that Williams doesn’t exactly excel in his role in the personnel department and that the Bucs are looking to improve in that area. Maybe personnel isn’t Williams’ true calling. Maybe coaching is.

The Bucs are looking for a quarterbacks coach to work with the guy they see as their franchise quarterback. Why not go with the only true franchise quarterback this team has ever had? He’s already in the building.