New Orleans edition of the mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

I've got another full mailbag, so we'll break it out into one edition for each team. I'll start with the New Orleans Saints and have the others up in a bit.

Joe in New York writes: Do the saints have a shot at the playoffs?

Pat Yasinskas: They've got a shot, mathematically. But they have to run the table or at least win four of their last five games. Is it possible. Sure, if they play like they did Monday night. I've been waiting for the Saints to click all season. Not sure if that's what's happening now and not sure they can overtake Tampa Bay, Carolina and Atlanta (not to mention the other NFC teams ahead of them in the wild-card picture). But, at the moment, they've got a shot and we all know they have a ton of offensive talent.

mikey in logue writes: hey pat huge fan of yours here and the saints i was wondering if the saints are talking to shaun alexander again being that deuce might be suspended and they need a power back i know they signed mike bell but they seemed intrested before he signed with washington!?!?

Pat Yasinskas: Also getting this question from a lot of other New Orleans fans. In theory, you would think Shaun Alexander would make perfect sense. But I think this would have happened already if Alexander was anything close to the guy we all remember from his days in Seattle. Got to assume the Saints think he's the same guy (or less) than Deuce McAllister in his present state. That said, if McAllister does get suspended, I would think Alexander would have to be a guy they at least consider. There just isn't much else out there this time of year.