Carruth story: 10 years later coming Sunday

Just received word that “The Rae Carruth Story: 10 Years Later’’ will air on Outside the Lines on Sunday at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN.

Here’s the quick summary that was sent out as part of the preview:

“A decade after then-Carolina Panther's receiver Rae Carruth commissioned the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend, the couple's son delivered at six months in the aftermath of the shooting, suffers from cerebral palsy. The bullets missed the unborn baby, but oxygen to his brain was cut off. Now, 10, Chancellor Adams has learned to walk more than 150 steps without assistance. And the man who pulled the trigger that fateful day is seeking forgiveness for committing the crime that landed him a 50-year prison sentence. For his part, Carruth is not talking.’’

Carruth has refused all media requests since the incident took place. “The man who pulled the trigger’’, according to what transpired in the trial is Van Brett Watkins and he does speak. Watkins confessed to the shooting and testified against Carruth to avoid the death penalty. If you remember anything about the trial, you’ll recall that Watkins is a very outspoken person. That hasn’t changed.

“I don't like Rae Carruth. I probably would do something to Rae Carruth if I seen him,’’ Watkins said in a television interview from prison.