Gruden volunteers Fox for new job

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

A little update to Thursday's item when Carolina coach John Fox jokingly laughed when asked if he would donate 10 percent of next year's salary if Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin leaves for the University of Tennessee, which he reportedly will after the season.

Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden took it a step further and jokingly offered Fox up for a job with the Volunteers.

"I'm trying to get Fox to go down there and coach the secondary, personally," said Gruden, who is a close friend with Fox and shares the same agent. "I wouldn't mind seeing that. That's the latest rumor I heard, is that Fox was going with Monte to coach the DBs. I think it's a big-time deal. And I think Steve Smith is going to be a G.A. and teach the young receivers. I wouldn't mind seeing that. There's a lot of rumors and speculation."

Gruden then went on to heap more praise on Smith, who he called "Freddy Kreuger" on Thursday.

"My brother (Bucs assistant Jay Gruden) makes a tape every week, we look for explosive plays and he sends me splash plays -- if you ever just watch the highlight tape of Steve Smith it's unbelievable," Gruden said. It's unfair, really, some of the catches that he makes. He's great. You have him covered, he's just a phenomenal player. What he did in Green Bay last week with the game on the line -- two plays that are just [great] against great defenders. The ball is thrown up in the air. It's a credit to him. He's really something."