Carolina clash brings back memories of Westbrook, Davis

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas.

SPARTANBURG, S.C., -- In the aftermath of the fight between Carolina's Steve Smith and Ken Lucas this morning, I've heard the names Michael Westbrook and Stephen Davis mentioned several times.

They're the former Washington Redskins whose fight more than a decade ago set the tone for altercations in training camp. Not sure where the Smith/Lucas fight will end up ranking in history, but it probably won't get on as many highlight shows as the Westbrook/Davis clash. That fight was captured on video, which was played endlessly.

Smith and Lucas, who had a previous history of verbal sparring during practice, got into their tussle during a period of practice when the media was not allowed to shoot video. Also, it should again be noted, the fight broke out while Smith and Lucas were on the sideline with their helmets off during a special teams drill.

I did a story on Westbrook a few months ago and he said he feels his career is remembered only for his fight with Davis, which he recalled in detail. Ironically, Westbrook is now heavily involved in martial arts.