Panthers stay quiet on QB situation

To all of those Carolina fans thinking the Panthers will find their quarterback of the present and/or future in this year’s draft, let me present two names: Stefan LeFors and Randy Fasani.

They’re the only two quarterbacks the Carolina tandem of John Fox and Marty Hurney have ever drafted. I’ve got a hunch it’s going to stay that way, and LeFors and Fasani are a big part of the reason.

LeFors was a fourth-round pick in 2005 and Fasani a fifth-round choice in 2002. Neither of them could play and they were just drafted with the hope that they might be backups. The truth is, Fox and Hurney don’t believe you should use an early pick to take a quarterback because it takes too long to develop at that position.

With Fox headed into a lame-duck season, that philosophy is probably truer than ever. Besides, the Panthers don’t have a first-round pick this year and don’t get me started on the possibility of Tim Tebow in the third round. The Panthers need a quarterback they can win with now.

Hurney danced when asked about the quarterback situation during Tuesday’s news conference, where the main agenda was to announce that defensive end Julius Peppers won’t bear the franchise tag. He gave the usual spiel about how highly the Panthers think of Jake Delhomme and said Matt Moore played well at the end of last season.

The Panthers are making it sound like they’re content to let Delhomme and Moore compete for the starting job. I’m not buying that. I think they’ll add a free agent with some NFL playing experience. There’s way too much at stake for Fox and Hurney in 2010. I think they have to at least get one more quarterback to compete with Moore and Delhomme, and I’m not even 100 percent convinced Delhomme will be on the roster when all is said and done.

Speaking of Fox, Hurney and history with quarterbacks, last time I checked, David Carr was scheduled to be a free agent.