Wednesday morning mailbag

Gabe in Oregon writes: Why wouldn't the Panthers franchise Julius Peppers and then trade him to Philly for Kevin Kolb? Wouldn't this have been beautiful for both teams?

Pat Yasinskas: I would have liked that idea, but, apparently, the Panthers didn’t. The risk would have been putting a franchise tag of more than $20 million and not getting anyone to trade for Peppers because teams might be afraid of his salary. The Panthers could have been stuck paying him that and they weren’t going to do that. Anyway, it’s pointless to argue because they’ve made it clear they won’t franchise him. Still, I’d like to see them get a quarterback with a little experience – from somewhere.

Brandon in Charlotte writes: Pat, you are killing me. There is no way Dan Morgan is an all-time top five Panther. He played 59 games in seven seasons and never once played a full season. Jon Beason has already passed him in the minds of all Panther fans. Most of us wish Morgan would have played for someone else.

Pat Yasinskas: We’re all entitled to our opinions. Mine is that Morgan – when healthy – was a top-five player in the history of a franchise that wasn’t healthy. I can’t make you agree, but I suggest you go back and watch the film of Carolina’s Super Bowl some time. By the way, there’s been a myth that Carolina’s defense has been great for years. Truth is, it was great while Morgan was there and while they had a great defensive line that started slipping in recent years and is now below ordinary. They don’t get to that Super Bowl without Morgan. Beason will pass him soon enough.

Scott in Baton Rouge, LA writes: When Sam Mills makes the Hall of Fame does he go in as a Saint or Panther?

Pat Yasinskas: If Mills makes the Hall of Fame, he goes in as neither. The Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn’t work like baseball, where a player goes in with the cap of one team on his plaque. In football, players go in not officially representing any one team. Also, I shortened your question for the sake of space. Your point about Mills being a great player for the Panthers is well-taken. But I didn’t choose him because he only played three years for the Panthers.

Robert in Lexington, NC writes: The Saints needs are on defense again, would a DT be their first? I know they need LBs but help up front to go with Sedrick Ellis would be a good thing. What do you think?

Pat Yasinskas: The beauty of picking No. 32 overall is that you don’t have to lock into a particular position. I agree defensive tackle and linebacker probably are the biggest needs for the Saints, but I don’t think they have one glaring need, the way so many teams do. They truly can afford to sit back and take the best player available.

Stephen in Baton Rouge writes: I like the idea of you doing a mock draft, but like you've said before, you don't pretend to know as much about the 49ers as you do the NFC South. All 8 bloggers should get together and have a bloggers draft event. It could be a big thing going more than just the 1st round.

Pat Yasinskas: Just to clarify, what I meant is that I’ll do a mock just for the NFC South teams after the combine – just who they should consider with their first pick and I know Carolina doesn’t have a first-round pick. But I’ll pitch your idea about all eight bloggers doing a mock draft to our bosses.