NFC South mailbag

Robbie in Murphy, N.C., writes: You made a smart remark about David Carr being available in Free Agency when discussing Carolina's QB situation. I can recall several NFL analysts who loved the signing of Carr and thought that he would eventually be Delhomme's replacement. I don't think that John Fox and Hurney could have ever envisioned him being as bad as he really is. Many believed that his problems were a direct result of the Texans.

Pat Yasinskas: Robbie, I was one of those analysts that thought signing Carr was a great move when the Panthers did it. I thought there was a chance he could even become the long-term starter. Truth is, he still was shell-shocked from his days with Houston and an injury to Jake Delhomme forced the Panthers to play him sooner than they wanted. That turned into a disaster. I was only having a little fun with John Fox and Marty Hurney. They’re two men I’ve covered for a long time and I respect them both. But, like any other, coach or general manager in the league, it’s my job to point out their successes and their failures. The Carr signing was not a success for the Panthers.

Tony in Lakeland, Fla., writes: My question is now that Dunta Robinson is set to hit the market as an unrestricted free agent, do you think Tampa will make a run at him? I think this guy could excel in a Tampa Two defense where there isn’t so much pressure on him.

Pat Yasinskas: With any free agent, we can only speculate until we find out what teams are doing when free agency starts in March. But I like your thoughts on Robinson. I think he could succeed in Raheem Morris’ defense. The Bucs need another corner to go with Aqib Talib and Ronde Barber, who isn’t getting any younger. Robinson makes some sense. We’ll see if the Bucs agree and if they’re interested in the price tag that comes with him.

Brett in Dallas writes: I wanted to get your opinion on the possibility of the Falcons signing either Brian Westbrook or Aaron Kampman. Westbrook could work out for the Falcons in the role that Jerious Norwood couldn’t and it might be good to give him a one year contract to see. Also Aaron Kampman belongs in a 4-3 and fits the character mold and work ethic that the Falcons look for.

Pat Yasinskas: I thought Brian Westbrook was a heck of a player in Philadelphia. But I think he now is either at or near the end of his career. The Falcons likely will keep Jason Snelling and Norwood as restricted free agents and the backups for Michael Turner. Atlanta’s not a team looking for patchwork. If they do anything at running back, I think the Falcons will go with someone younger. As far as Kampman, I won't totally rule that one out. Yeah, I just said the Falcons aren't looking for patchwork, but defensive end is one position where I could see them making an exception. They need help in the pass rush right away and it sometimes takes time for a rookie pass rusher to develop.

Shannon in Baton Rouge writes: Any chance the Saints go after LaDainian Tomlinson? He and Drew Brees are friends and it seems like it would work.

Pat Yasinskas: This is kind of like the Westbrook question above. Tomlinson isn’t the player he once was. Would the current Tomlinson really add much to the Saints, a team that’s not going to go crazy running the ball? I don’t think so. I’d stick with the combination of Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush. But, hey, Brees has a lot of power in New Orleans. If he really wants to play with his old buddy, he might get some people to listen.