Marshall in the NFC South?

AFC West colleague Bill Williamson did an item earlier today on the possibility of the Broncos looking to trade receiver Brandon Marshall. Williamson asked each division blogger for teams that might be interested in Marshall.

I scratched New Orleans off the list immediately. The Saints have good wide receivers already and don’t need to mess with their chemistry. I scratched Atlanta off this list next because the Falcons don’t really need Marshall. They’ve got a No. 1 in Roddy White and a healthy Harry Douglas should split time with Michael Jenkins next season. Besides, Atlanta owner Arthur Blank wouldn’t touch someone like Marshall, who has had trouble on and off the field.

Same for Carolina owner Jerry Richardson. The Panthers could use someone to play opposite Steve Smith, but I guarantee you it won’t be Marshall.

That left Tampa Bay, and I threw that scenario out to Williamson as a “maybe.’’ It’s probably a long shot because of Marshall’s baggage and the Bucs don’t want to part with any of the 10 draft picks they’ve accumulated for this year. But they have a desperate need for a No. 1 wide receiver after announcing Antonio Bryant wouldn’t be back. Marshall is a better receiver than Bryant ever was, and he certainly would be a nice toy for quarterback Josh Freeman.

But would the Bucs be willing to take on Marshall’s baggage, even if the price tag is reasonable?

That’s why I threw it out there as a “maybe.’’ The Bucs traded for tight end Kellen Winslow, who had some history of trouble, last year. As far as we know, Winslow was on his best behavior last season and he played well. Maybe coach Raheem Morris thinks he can pull off something similar with Marshall.

Just maybe.