Update on Robinson and Falcons

Just wanted to give you a little update on Dunta Robinson’s visit to Atlanta. I’ve been saying this deal will happen, barring some unforeseen development, but I’ve been saying that an official announcement won’t come for another day or two.

RobinsonRobinsonThe first part of that remains true – this deal is almost certain to happen. But I’m now hearing that things are progressing so well that we could have an official announcement as early as tonight.

Also, for those Atlanta fans thinking Robinson is only the start of a free-agent frenzy by the Falcons, stop it. The word I’m hearing out of Flowery Branch, Ga., is that the Robinson signing will be the only really big one for the Falcons.

Yeah, they could sign a few mid-level free agents, but they’re going to stick to their plan of building primarily through the draft.