Brayton gives Panthers DE depth

Defensive end Tyler Brayton reportedly has re-signed with the Carolina Panthers.

This one’s a little interesting since Brayton is 30 and the Panthers have been getting rid of everyone 30 or older except for kickers, punters and wide receivers named Steve Smith. But I can see where this move makes some sense.

After losing Julius Peppers in free agency, the Panthers didn’t have a lot of depth at defensive end. They have high hopes for Everette Brown and Charles Johnson and think both can develop into starters. But there are no guarantees with them.

The Panthers know what they’re getting in Brayton, who started opposite Peppers last season. Brayton’s not anything special, but he’s dependable and can contribute either as a starter or a backup. We don't know the numbers on Brayton's contract yet, but it's safe to assume the Panthers aren't paying him big money.