Bucs bring back Crowell

At long last, we’ve got some movement at One Buccaneer Place. The Bucs, who have been very quiet in recent weeks, just announced that they have re-signed linebacker Angelo Crowell to a one-year contract.

You can assume it’s not a real big deal because Crowell didn’t live up to the expectations the Bucs had when they signed him as a free agent last year. He couldn’t crack the starting lineup and ended up getting hurt. But Crowell had some potential, once upon a time, and the Bucs are giving him another shot.

In other news, the Bucs announced restricted free agent Mark Bradley has signed his tender offer. Generally, we don’t waste time or space reporting on the signing of tender offers because it’s basically a formality. But, as long as we had the Crowell signing, we’ll slip the Bradley note in there as well.