Clarifying speculation on Hurney's future

I’m not sure where all the sudden speculation is coming from about Carolina general manager Marty Hurney perhaps being shown the door after his contract expires in June.

Like a lot of speculation, this one’s way off base. First off, if you’re going to get rid of a general manager, you do it in January or February. You don’t let the old guy go through the free-agency process and the draft and, then, turn around and bring in a new guy, who might have totally different ideas, in June or July. If the Panthers were going that route, Hurney would have been pushed out the door, handed a big check for the time remaining on his contract and somebody else already would be running the show.

Second, unlike coach John Fox, whose contract expires after the upcoming season, Hurney has an offer for a new deal on the table. League sources have said Hurney was offered an extension sometime during last season and the offer still stands. Basically, the thinking was Hurney didn’t immediately accept the offer because he was waiting to see what happens to Fox, the coach he hired and has a long history with. Nothing new happened on the Fox situation.

At some point, Hurney will get around to signing that contract -- if he hasn’t quietly done so already. Hurney’s always been very guarded about his contract situation and the Panthers don’t announce contract extensions for their front-office people. I was still covering the Panthers on a daily basis when Hurney signed his last contract extension. When I finally got the organization to confirm the extension, it had been signed for several months.