Campbell on Carolina's radar?

The trade of Donovan McNabb to Washington leaves one obvious question related to the NFC South: Might the Carolina Panthers be interested in Jason Campbell, the man McNabb was brought in to replace?

As of now, Campbell remains on Washington’s roster. He’s a restricted free agent with the highest tender -- a first-round pick and a third-round pick. But the deadline for offers to restricted free agents is approaching rapidly and no NFL team is going to make a move for Campbell now that it’s obvious he’s no longer in the plans in Washington.

The Redskins could wait until after the deadline for signing restricted free agents and then try to trade Campbell. The price tag then shouldn’t be too steep. Maybe a mid-round pick and other teams may wait the situation out and force the Redskins to simply release Campbell.

It’s pretty obvious the Panthers still have to bring in a quarterback to go with Matt Moore. They may do it through the draft or they may try to bring in someone with experience. A few weeks back, I talked to one Carolina official and asked him about the crop of veteran quarterbacks available as free agents.

He kind of rolled his eyes and said there would be better quarterbacks available as time went on. I’m not sure if the Panthers view Campbell as a guy that fits that profile. But I think he does.

Campbell has experience as a starter. Yes, there’s plenty of room to question his play, but the guy was surrounded by constant coaching changes and turmoil in Washington. He still has plenty of upside.

Moore showed promise late last year and the Panthers have high hopes for him. But there are no guarantees Moore is the answer and the Panthers at least need a viable alternative. If the Carolina brass is as smart as I think it is, I think the Panthers will be keeping a close eye on Campbell’s situation.