Revisiting myth of restricted free agency

Back at the start of free agency, there was a school of thought that restricted free agents might be the flavor of the offseason. Without a new labor agreement, about 200 players that were supposed to become restricted free agents were limited to restricted free agency.

A lot of people thought it would be hard for teams not to dip into that pool. Turns out most teams haven’t even gotten their toes wet. So far, the only restricted free agent to leave a team by an offer sheet was New Orleans running back Mike Bell and the Saints had hit him with the lowest tender, which means they get nothing in return. A handful of restricted free agents have changed teams through trade, but none have involved the NFC South.

If you’re curious about who the restricted free agents around the division are, here’s a list that we ran back at the start of free agency. A lot of fans were panicking because guys like New Orleans’ Jahri Evans, Carolina's DeAngelo Williams and Tampa Bay’s Barrett Ruud were somewhat exposed.

Well, you can stop worrying. They’re still with their teams and the deadline for other teams to make offers to restricted free agents is Thursday.