Looking ahead to bloggers' mock draft

Amid all our other duties today, the rest of the guys from the Blog Network and I have been working on a mock draft that’s going to run Monday.

Note to AFC South colleague Paul Kuharsky, who is doing a great job putting it all together in an auxiliary tent in Nashville: You know there’s going to be some major trade this weekend and you’re going to have to blow the whole thing up and do it all over.

Anyway, for the moment, we’re progressing nicely. I’ve made Tampa Bay’s pick and I just made Atlanta’s. I’ve got a break now as Kuharsky tracks down the guys who have to do the picks before New Orleans comes on the clock at No. 32. So I thought I’d give you a little update.

Obviously, I can’t tell you who I picked because that’s a secret -- until Monday. But I’ll give you one little hint. One of the guys was a player I never thought I’d be taking at the spot I did. Let’s just say something happened somewhere else that threw off what I thought would be automatic.