Some draft records to watch

The NFL just sent out a press release with a whole bunch of facts and figures about the draft.

One of the more interesting notes had to do with the length of the draft, particularly first rounds. I’ve been hearing from a lot of you, especially New Orleans fans, who fear the Saints won’t be making their pick until the middle of the night Thursday. Well, that’s probably not going to be true.

With the first round of the draft moving to prime time, the rules have changed. There will be only 10 minutes between first-round picks, instead of 15 minutes in prior years. With that in mind, here are some of the time records for drafts.

  • Longest first round since 1967: 2007 (6 hours, 8 minutes)

  • Shortest first round since 1967: 1972 (2 hours)

  • Longest seven-round draft: 2007 (18 hours, 5 minutes)

  • Shortest seven-round draft: 1998 (14 hours, 25 minutes)

  • Most rounds on draft day: 30 (1943-1959 drafts)