NFC South a blip on 'valuable' picks

The NFL continues to announce its list of the 75 most valuable draft picks in history, as voted on by fans.

Nos. 26 through 50 came out today and the NFC South virtually was shutout. There’s only one NFC South player on the list and that’s Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez at No. 37. But Gonzalez was drafted 13th overall by the Chiefs in 1997 and spent most of his career in Kansas City.

As I said yesterday, I see some real flaws with this and that continues today. I’m looking at today’s list and seeing guys like Earl Campbell, Joe Namath, Bruce Smith and O.J. Simpson on there. All those guys were great players -- no argument at all. But each of those four was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

The whole premise of this thing is supposed to be value. Campbell, Namath, Smith and Simpson did precisely what they should have done as No. 1 picks. But, if we’re talking pure value, I think a guy like Warren Sapp in the middle of the first round or a guy like Derrick Brooks at the end of the first round is a better value.

Sapp and Brooks are on this team already. They were listed in the bottom third that came out Monday. But I think, based on value, they should be on the list for the top 25, which presumably comes out Wednesday.