Keep an eye on Bucs at No. 35

TAMPA, Fla. -- Perhaps the biggest reason the bosses wanted me at One Buccaneer Place during the draft is because the Bucs entered Thursday with 12 picks and that meant the potential for lots of action.

As we prepare for the second and third rounds Friday night, the Bucs are still holding 11 picks after selecting defensive tackle Gerald McCoy in the first round. They did consider jumping back into the first round last night to get receiver Dez Bryant, but it sounds like they weren’t willing to jump as high as Dallas did to get him.

Obviously, receiver is a target for the Bucs with their two second-round picks and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they take a receiver at No. 35. But keep an eye on this pick. One of the unique things about this year’s draft format is that teams have had a lot of time to think about some guys that are still on the board.

Teams like the Bucs, with early second round picks, have been getting inquiries about possible trades all day and something could happen before the draft resumes or even up to the point where the Bucs have to turn in the pick.

The Bucs are pretty proud of the fact they have so many picks. They might not be able to resist the temptation to add another pick or two, especially because there is a pretty deep group of receivers that project as second-round picks.