Clausen sets new record in Kiper fall

ESPN’s Stats & Information’s Keith Hawkins passed along a very interesting post-draft note. Keith went back and did the homework on players Mel Kiper Jr. had ranked in his top five that weren’t taken in the top five.

Since 1999, 44 of the 60 players Kiper ranked in his top five were taken in the top five picks. That’s a 73.3 percent success rate and 55 of Kiper’s top five were taken among the top 10 picks. That’s 91.6 percent.

So Kiper’s usually right. But what about the few that he’s been wrong on? Well, Keith provides us with a chart of the five guys that have fallen the furthest from Kiper’s top five and the winner, who landed in the NFC South, easily set a new record.

Fallen down Kiper's board