Saints have good history against winless

The New Orleans Saints’ next two games are against Indianapolis and St. Louis. If the common thread those teams share right now didn’t set off any bells, let me fill you in.

The Colts and Rams are both winless. That obviously means these games should be favorable for the Saints. But a friend asked a very good question – “How have the Saints fared against winless teams since Sean Payton took over in 2006?’’

I turned to ESPN Stats & Information and got the answer. In a nutshell, the Saints have done well in these situations. When you exclude the first game of the season (everybody’s winless then), the Saints are 5-3 against winless teams since Payton took over.

But the total of three losses is a bit misleading because two of them came in the second game of a season. In 2008, the Saints lost to Washington in Week 2 and the same thing happened against Tampa Bay in 2007. Throw those two games out and the Saints are 5-1 against winless opponents under Payton.

The one notable loss was to an 0-8 St. Louis team in 2007.