NFC South Week 10 decisive moment

For the last year or two, there's been a lot of debate about whether Atlanta's Matt Ryan is an “elite'' quarterback.

I'm not sure what the exact qualifications are for that term, but there's a chance history might point back at Thursday night as the moment Ryan officially joined the club.

With 65 seconds remaining in the game, the Ravens took the lead for the first time. That didn't seem to bother Ryan a bit. He took his team straight down the field.

He had the Falcons very close to where they needed to be for a game-winning field goal, but they didn't have to settle for a field goal. With the ball at Baltimore's 33-yard line, Ryan first looked for tight end Tony Gonzalez. When he saw Gonzalez was covered, Ryan turned to secondary receiver Roddy White.

Although there was some contact with defensive back Josh Wilson, no penalty was called and White was wide open. Ryan hit him with a touchdown pass with 20 seconds left.

That made the 7-2 Falcons the first NFC team to get to seven wins.