Rapid Reaction: Seahawks 41, Saints 36

SEATTLE -- I’m heading down to the locker room for interviews and will be back with much more. But, first, here’s Rapid Reaction on New Orleans' 41-36 loss to the Seahawks.

What it means: There will be no "Two Dat." The Saints went on the road to play a 7-9 team and didn’t look anything like defending champions. There were flaws scattered throughout the season, but they all showed up Saturday. Injuries were a factor, but far from the whole problem. The defense had an absolutely horrible game and the offensive line didn’t play well at all. Drew Brees couldn't pull off any miracles without a running game. Give the Seahawks credit for pulling off a huge upset. But put plenty of blame on the Saints.

Goats: Take your pick. Roman Harper, Darren Sharper, Gregg Williams, Julius Jones and Devery Henderson. They’re all candidates. Harper got burned repeatedly. Sharper looked like it’s time to retire. Williams couldn’t come up with a way to stop a mediocre offense and that might cost him a shot at head-coaching jobs. Jones lost a fumble and Henderson dropped a crucial pass in the fourth quarter.

What’s next: Assuming there is no lockout, the Saints will start training camp in late July.