Falcons: Backup QB plan

Assessing the Falcons’ backup QB situation if Matt Ryan is injured and misses time.

The Falcons are very content with Chris Redman as their backup. His veteran presence and willingness to serve as a mentor has aided in Matt Ryan’s development from the start. Although Redman has played only sparingly in the Ryan years, he’s taken thousands of practice snaps and sat through countless meetings. He knows the offense as well as Ryan and has the respect of his teammates. If Ryan were to go down with a short-term injury, the Falcons firmly believe Redman could do a nice job of finishing a game or even starting a few games. He’d be surrounded by a star-studded cast at the skill positions, so there isn’t likely to be a huge drop-off. But, if Ryan were to suffer a long-term injury, that could cause some problems. Although he came into the league in 2000, Redman has made only two career starts. Redman can’t make all the throws Ryan can, so the Falcons would have to scale back their offense if Redman has to play more than a few games.

Confidence rating (out of 100) if Ryan goes out for an extended period: 75