NFL Power Rankings: NFC South

If it wasn’t for the AFC South, the NFC South would have the best team in the league and also could be one of the worst divisions in the NFL.

At least that’s according to the latest ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings.

The undefeated Houston Texans are still No. 1 and the Atlanta Falcons are holding tight at No. 2.

There’s a huge drop off from the Falcons to the rest of the NFC South. But the same is true of the gap between the Texans and the rest of the AFC South. In fact, the bottom of the AFC South is even lower than the dregs of the NFC South as Tennessee is No. 28 and Jacksonville is No. 31.

The NFC South doesn’t fall quite that dramatically, but it’s close, even though the New Orleans Saints climbed four spots with their first victory.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are No. 23, the Saints No. 24 and the Carolina Panthers No. 26.

The only bright spot for the NFC South is that the Falcons are pulling up the average for the rest of the division. The average spot for the NFC South is 18.4. The AFC East is 19.2. The AFC South is 20.7. And the AFC West, which is anchored by the No. 29 Raiders and No. 30 Chiefs, averages 22.0.