With help from Revis, Banks steps up

DETROIT -- Early in the second half of Sunday's 24-21 victory against the Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay cornerback Darrelle Revis stood on the sideline with an injured groin.

You can take Revis out of the game, but you can't stop him from helping his teammates. Revis injured the groin just before the end of the first half and that meant that rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks suddenly had to cover All-Pro receiver Calvin Johnson.

According to Revis, Banks came to the sideline after the first series of the second half talking about how Johnson was even bigger and faster than he realized.

"I said, 'Look man, never mind all of that. You all put on the same shoes. It's normal. Just cover him, man,'" Revis said. "He got a little more comfortable and he made a lot of big plays."

You can't argue that point. Johnson finished with seven catches for 115 yards, but he didn't have a touchdown reception and his longest catch went for only 21 yards.

The Bucs also were without free safety Dashon Goldson, who was serving a one-game suspension. Coach Greg Schiano said the Bucs gave the matter a lot of thought before putting Banks on Johnson.

"There was a lot of discussion because that probably was the most individualized game plan that we've put together so far with Revis on Johnson," Schiano said. "When you do that, it affects the rest of the team because they're playing complimentary to that. It's hard to go back. We talked a lot about it and we just felt Johnthan Banks was the guy to do it and I'm proud of him."

Banks, who also had an interception, got the job done on his own. But it probably didn't hurt to get some advice from the sideline.

"I was telling JB everything technique wise, a bunch of things," Revis said. "I'm on a team. Anything I can do to help my teammates be successful."