Tuesday's NFC South mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
Time for another mailbag and we're going to start this one off with two back-to-back questions that are similar in a weird sort of way.

Jim in Tampa writes: Pat i hate how you love matt ryan so much! Would he be so great if he didnt have Turner or roddy??

Justin in Mount Airy, N.C., writes: Well hello, I have a question concerning the Carolina Panthers. Why does it seem that you always hate on Jake Delhomme? Jake has what the fourth best winnning percentage of NFL starters, been to two NFC Champioships, an 1 Superbowl. He also led his team to a 12-4 record last year, and there is nothing to show he is declining in winning, one bad playoff game in a career of great playoff games dosnet make me believe a QB is awful. Just concerned for QB as TO would say.

Pat Yasinskas: Wow, this is kind of funny because I feel like I've spent half my life being accused of defending Jake Delhomme and now I'm being accused of hating him. Truth is, I don't "love'' or "hate'' any player. I get paid not to be biased. I write my opinions and you're welcome to interpret them however you want. But, from my side, none of it's personal.

Kevin in Kelowna, B.C., Canada: Pat, great blog. I love the frequency with which you post new articles and all interesting stuff. I'm confused about the StarCaps issue. How come it seems that the two Williams' from the Vikings are being treated differently than the Saint's guys? Is there some evidence or some state law differences that make their case different? Thanks.

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, here's the deal. A federal judge last week threw out most of the claims by the five players involved. But, at the same time, that judge also sent a couple of issues involving Kevin Williams and Pat Williams back to a Minnesota State court. So the two Vikings players remain in limbo. Barring some sort of successful appeal, it looks as if New Orleans' Charles Grant and Will Smith will be suspended for the first four games of this season. Same deal for Deuce McAllister -- if he signs with anyone.

JT in Nashville writes: Pat- with respect to your top q.b.s in the nfc south, I found your comments of why you put Redman above Leftwich interesting and convincing. One question though, why would you put Harrington above Redman? All 3 of those quarterbacks played on that same '07 Falcons team and Redman was by far the most productive.

Pat Yasinskas: That's just my opinion. But my logic is that, if you put Joey Harrington with New Orleans' skill-position players, he'd produce pretty good numbers. Harrington got a bad rap in Detroit early in his career and some of that was deserved. But he is a guy who has talent and he's had time to be around the league and get comfortable. If he somehow had to play in New Orleans, I think he could do well because of the system and the players around him. Not saying he's Drew Brees, by any means, but I think he could be decent in the right situation.

AlDogg in D.C. writes: Pat - When I saw that the Packer's Aaron Kampman is unhappy, I had the same idea as Bobby from your last mailbag: Peppers for Kampman? But then I remembered that Trgovac is in Green Bay. Not to mention, Peppers still hasn't signed his tender as far as I know, so the Panthers still can't even talk about a trade unless it is facilitated by Pep's agent. Three questions: Would Trgovac be a hurdle?

Pat Yasinskas: Let's just say, I think there's a big misconception among Carolina fans about Julius Peppers and Mike Trgovac. Reminds me a bit of the scene from "Hoosiers" (the greatest sports movie ever) where the Hickory faithful just assume Jimmy will rejoin the team if the coach is fired. But that wasn't the case in "Hoosiers" and it wasn't the case with Peppers and Trgovac. Peppers' issues are elsewhere. If they were with Trgovac, I think Peppers would be working out with his teammates right now. In fact, I could see Peppers playing for Trgovac, who is regarded as one of the best defensive line coaches in the league, in Green Bay -- if the Panthers and Packers somehow worked out a trade. But we don't speculate about trades here.