Film of the NFC South chat

Time for a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Jack (Atlanta, Ga.): Who's do you think would be the best free agent fit for Atlanta right now?

Pat Yasinskas: I'll go the popular route and say Richard Seymour. But probably not until after June 1 when they have more cap room.

Brad (Atlanta): Do you think Roddy remains the #1 WR as long as he is a Falcon? Or do you think Julio takes that role soon, and if so should there be a worry that Roddy would be too "diva-ish"?

PY: Think they're already kind of 1A and 1B. Roddy certainly has some diva tendencies, but he's a guy that wants to win first and foremost.


Rob (Houston): Pat - should the Panthers try to sign Quentin Jammer as a #1 CB? I'm surprised with the former Charger pipeline set-up that he hasn't at least been brought in for a visit.

PY: Probably a reason he's not already there. He showed signs of age last year.

Tyler (In Class): I used to think fairly highly of Marty Hurney. But the more research I do, the more I dislike him. He brought in some great players, even possible hall of famers. But when it came to the business side I think he really messed up.

PY: Well, they do have a cap mess now. But not sure Hurney deserves all of the blame. Think he might have been ordered by ownership to give some contract extensions that weren't all that prudent.


Mark (NH): What are the expectations for the Saints now that "Bountygate" is virtually behind them? Coach is back, players are back, and the team has changed a bit. What type of team will they field?

PY: Think just getting Payton back is going to help tremendously. But they still have to play some defense.

Scott (Northglenn, CO): Fair to say that injuries were the reason for Jimmy Graham's regression last year, and that if he's fully healthy, he should be dominant again?

PY: Think that's probably fair to say and I think the injuries also factored into his issue with drops.


Brenden (Florida) [via mobile]: Hey Pat, I know by some of your earlier articles that you were never a really big fan of Ronde Barber in the hall of fame and I was just wondering if you have changed your stance yet on wether Ronde should or could be in the hall and if so do you think he will make it on the first try? Also had Ronde played another year and pushed his career interception total to 50 and his career sack total to 30 he would have been a lock for the hall? Considering if he had gotten significant playing time.

PY: He's in the conversation for HOF. But I don't think it's the slam dunk that so many seem to think. Terrell Buckley had 50 INTs and nobody even thinks of him as a potential HOF. Aeneas Williams had over 50 INTs and he can't get into HOF. Ronde has a chance, but it's not automatic.

kyle (northampton, pa): do you see Doug Martin rushing for 1500 yds this year? with 8-10 TD?

PY: Think that's entirely possible. Having Nicks and Joseph in front of him for an entire season is only going to help his numbers.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.