What Mark Barron, Nick Toon can expect

It’s pretty obvious what fourth-round draft pick Nick Toon can expect in a contract from the New Orleans Saints.

As the only unsigned New Orleans draft pick, Toon is looking at a deal that can’t be worth over $491,900 thousand this season and can’t exceed $3.18 million over the life of the contract. Those are the numbers for what the Saints have in their rookie pool for this year and for the life of the contracts for this year’s draft class.

The Saints already have used up $1.78 million of their league-low $2.272 million rookie pool for this year. They also already have committed $9.317 million over the course of their rookie contracts. Third-round pick Akiem Hicks got a four-year deal worth $2.68 million. Fifth-round pick Corey White's four-year deal is worth $2.276 million. Sixth-round pick Andrew Tiller's four-year contract is worth $2.212 million, and seventh-round pick Marcel Jones has a deal that could be worth as much as $2.148 million.

The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons long ago finished signing their draft classes. That leaves only Toon and Tampa Bay first-round pick Mark Barron as the only unsigned NFC South draft picks.

Since it’s been a few weeks since we touched on what the Bucs have left to offer Barron, let’s do a quick refresher course. The Bucs can pay Barron as much as $2.63 million this season and as much as $19.1 million over the entire course of his contract.