Remember the New Orleans Buccaneers?

Our friends at ESPN Stats & Information passed along a fascinating bit of trivia about the history of big-time sports in New Orleans.

Prior to the upcoming appearance by the Saints in the upcoming Super Bowl, the last time any New Orleans franchise in any of the four major pro sports (football, baseball, basketball and hockey) reached a championship was 1968. That’s when the New Orleans Buccaneers reached the finals in the old American Basketball Association.

That’s easily the longest such streak for any city or metropolitan area with at least two pro sports teams.

The list after New Orleans is a lot more current and you have to be a bit subjective with the next longest streak. That’s Milwaukee, and ESPN Stats & Information doesn’t consider the Green Bay Packers as part of that market. The two cities are about 100 miles apart. But we’ll let you make your own decision on this one because we know the Packers basically extend across the state of Wisconsin. But, if you play it straight by the book, the Brewers were the last Milwaukee franchise in a championship when they played in the 1982 World Series.

After that, Kansas City is next on the list. The 1985 Royals were the last local team to play for a championship. Cincinnati’s last representative was the Reds in 1991. Minneapolis had both the Twins and the North Stars playing for championships in 1991 and Toronto’s last team to play for a title was the 1993 Blue Jays.