Ranking the NFC South fullbacks

The fullbacks are the next stop on our tour of NFC South position rankings.

The quick overview for this position is the NFC South doesn’t have any dominant fullbacks, just three very solid guys and one unproven young player with potential. On to the rankings.

  1. Heath Evans, Saints. He’s going to be a bigger part of the New Orleans offense than most people realize. If you think back to last year before he got hurt, Evans was doing a lot of different things for this offense, and the Saints had to do a lot of compensating once he went down. With a healthy Evans, the offense should be even better. Evans’ main role is to block, but he can catch the ball and handle some short-yardage carries.

  2. Earnest Graham, Buccaneers. He’s not the traditional fullback, because he’s spent a good chunk of his career as a tailback and doesn’t have great size. But Graham is one of those guys that can do a little bit of everything on the field. He can get the job done as a blocker, and he can run and catch.

  3. Ovie Mughelli, Falcons. Might be the best pure blocker in the division at this position. He doesn’t do much else, but that’s because he’s not asked to do much else. His job is to clear the way for Michael Turner.

  4. Tony Fiammetta, Panthers. The pressure is on this second-year player, because he’s stepping into the shoes of fan favorite Brad Hoover. Fiammetta didn’t get a lot of playing time last season, but the Panthers must have seen something in him to decide he could replace Hoover. The main job, really the only job, for a Carolina fullback is to block for DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.