Call it: Aqib Talib's future?

I’m already on record saying I think the Bucs should release cornerback Aqib Talib the moment the lockout’s over.

I know there’s the argument about innocent until proven guilty, and I respect that. But I think Talib’s lengthy history of problems, some public and some that were handled in-house, gives the Bucs the right to cut him.

But let’s use our new toy, “Call It,’’ and let you voice your opinions.

I’ve put three options out there, and it’s important to note the Bucs can’t do the first two while the NFL is still in a lockout. On the third option, which is keeping Talib, you should also factor in that possibility could include some sort of league discipline because Talib served a one-game suspension last season and the league's personal conduct policy frowns on repeat offenders.

Go ahead and vote, and we’ll check in on the results with some analysis in a few days.