Roaf wants to be remembered as Saint

We talk all the time about how the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn’t follow the same protocol as the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In football, a player goes into the Hall of Fame representing only himself. In baseball, a Hall of Famer has to declare what hat he wants on his plaque if he has played for more than one team.

Willie Roaf, who was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, played for the New Orleans Saints from 1993 through 2001. He then joined the Kansas City Chiefs and finished his career with them in 2005.

In this radio interview, Roaf was asked, hypothetically, which hat he would wear if the Pro Football Hall of Fame required players to make that choice. While Roaf praised his Kansas City experience, his answer was pretty clear.

“I’m wearing a Saints hat,’’ Roaf said. “You know things happen for a reason in life and I had to go through what I had to deal with and I needed a fresh start anyway, went through the knee surgery, went to Kansas City and played hard, and I think the experiences made me a better person. I think if I had to stay on that turf I wouldn’t have made it but another year or two but the fact that I went and played on that grass and played well in Kansas City with that real good group of players for those three of four years, I think that’s what solidified and helped me get in this early.”